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|Movies|y tu mama tambien
|Top 10 Bands/Artists|taking back sunday, thursday, name taken, yeah yeah yeahs, straylight run, radiohead, the postal service, jimmy eat world, death cab for cutie, daphne loves derby
|Books|the girl with the pearl earring, five people you meet in heaven, harry potter!!
|Hobby|chatting, listening to music, watching tv, chilling with friends
|Cell phone service provider|sky/samsung (korean)
|Musical instrument|sax, cello, piano (quit all)
|Concert you've gone to|sucky korean ones
|Foods|thai, indian, korean, japanese
|School subject|arts
|Computer/video game|tekken, counterstrike
|Quote|i want a lover i don't have to love
|Board Game|clue
|Song|one eighty by the summer

|President Bush|he choked on a pretzel. what more could you ask of from our president?
|John Kerry|he should be president.
|Censorship|fuck that
|Organized Religion|no opinion

.:Word Association:.
|Middle|belly button
|Turtle|if it flips over it's gonna die

.:Promos and Pics:.
|Promote us to another community and give us the link|he_was_mine
|Pictures of yourself| AND
|Picture of something to make us laugh| AND AND
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