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MODness - Theme!!!!

So how about we all do this fun thing where we open Window Media Player or MusicMatch or whatever and we put our playlist on random and then list the first 20 songs that come on!!! So how about we call this the theme. Everyone do it. Now.

Senses Fail, "Handguns And Second Chances"
The Ataris, "Unopened Letter To The World (Live)"
Brand New, "I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light"
Story of the Year, "Until The Day I Die"
Taking Back Sunday, "You Know How I Do"
Sugarcult, "Over"
Matchbook Romance, "She'll Never Understand"
Dashboard Confessional, "The Good Fight"
The Ataris, "As We Speak"
Taking Back Sunday, "...Slowdance On The Inside"
Sugarcult, "How Does It Feel?"
Senses Fail, "The Ground Folds"
Matchbook Romance, "Tiger Lily"
Only Crime, "Doomsday Breach"
Sugarcult, "Say I'm Sorry"
Taking Back Sunday, "Bike Scene"
The Movielife, "Takin' It Out And Choppin' It Up"
Sugarcult, "Drive All Day"
Senses Fail, "Freefall Without A Parachute"
Bad Religion, "God's Love"
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