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|Name| Alicia
|Locale| New York
|Age/Birthdate| 15 -- 3/7/89

|Color| pink.. that's as far as my girliness goes
|Movies| Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Alice In Wonderland, The Labyrinth
|Top 10 Bands/Artists| Muse, Jack Off Jill, Bright Eyes, Portishead, The Doors, Queen, Bow Ever Down, Qntal, The Cruxshadows, Carfax Abbey
|Books| God Shaped Hole (Tiffanie Debartolo), anything by Francesca Lia Block, Four Past Midnight (Stephen King)
|Hobby| reading, writing, listening to music, etc.
|Cell phone service provider| pshh... i don't need a cell phone
|Musical instrument| i don't play them but i like the bass and drums
|Concert you've gone to| never been
|Foods| cold chinese food, ice cream, pretty much any kind of candy
|School subject| English
|Computer/video game| i don't play any really
|Store| i don't have a favorite store, just as long as they got clothes i like.
|Quote| "That's how you fall in love again. You shut your eyes."
|Board Game| I used to love Don't Wake Daddy!! but none now
|Season| Fall
|Song| Vivica by Jack Off Jill and Nobody Loves Me by Portishead

|President Bush| I can't stand him. The fact that he brought us to war on false pretenses is horrible. The fact that he said yes to the war yet not the many years ago when he was supposed to go in. He's simply a liar. I just won't be able to stand it if he gets reelected.
|John Kerry| I agree with a lot of what he's saying. I like that although he did serve his time in Vietnam (unlike Bush) he said he did it only to serve his country not because he liked the idea of war. I want him in office.
|Zoos| Zoos are cruel cruel places where people get to see creatures that are supposed to be free, locked away in cages, pointing and laughing. When I was little I used to think it was the coolest thing, but now, I see how messed up people are just so they can have the smallest amount of happiness.
|Censorship| If you don't like it, close your eyes, cover your ears, or walk away. Simple as that. Yes I know, kids do repeat what they hear, but it should be the parents who should keep what their children hear and see in check. We can't be sheltered forever. Words, pictures, ideas are going to be spread no matter how much you censor it.
|Organized Religion| I don't believe in an organized religion, but hey, some people need to have a sense of belonging. A lot of these religions just adapt themselves from others and end up saying that the ones that the new one was adapted from are wrong. It's just rediculous.

.:Word Association:.
|S| Snake
|Middle| End
|Turtle| Shell
|Nebraska| State
|Silver| Gold
|Roll| Over

.:Promos and Pics:.
|Promote us to another community and give us the link| (We check) c00l_as_fuck
|Pictures of yourself| title or description
title or description
^^ my friend took my picture and made it all cool looking...

|Picture of something to make us laugh| title or description
^^ me and my friend katie being dorks after my hair spiking incident..
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