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why hello there

|Name| Kayla babyyy
|Locale| Ohio
|Age/Birthdate| 16 Sept 11 1988
|Color| Red
|Movies| The Shining, Butterfly Effect, The Birds, The Exorcist
|Top 10 Bands/Artists| Dashboard Confessional, Armor For SLeep, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Hellogoodbye, Copeland, Straylight Run, Say Anything, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday
|Books| "The Lovely Bones", "The Notebook", "Nothing Feels Good: Teenagers, Punk Rock, and Emo"
|Hobby| hanging out with friendsss
|Cell phone service provider| verizon
|Musical instrument| saxophone, bass clarinet
|Concert you've gone to| Dashboard Confessional with Say Anything, The Get Up Kids, and Thrice
|Foods| Chicken Salad, Chicken Paprikash, diet coke even though thats not food, Mashed Potatoes, Moose Tracks Ice Cream
|School subject| Math
|Computer/video game| Super Mario
|Store| AE
|Quote| i dont have a favorite
|Board Game| Life
|Season| Summer
|Song| "Konstantine": Soco
|President Bush| i love the guy, Bush '04!!
|John Kerry| is ignorant and will be the downfall of our country
|Zoos| um, theyre fine? I havent been to one since like 5th grade though..
|Censorship| Alright on certain things, but I believe that it's the parents decision to keep what they want from their children, and their responsibility also.
|Organized Religion| no opinion on it.
.:Word Association:.
|S| slut
|Middle| name
|Turtle| slow
|Nebraska| cold
|Silver| necklace
|Roll| bread
.:Promos and Pics:.
|Promote us to another community and give us the link| (We check) ckm_owns_you
|Pictures of yourself|

|Picture of something to make us laugh|
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