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|Name| Sarah Lukens

|Locale|New York


|Color|purple, green, black

|Movies|breakfast club, ferris beullers day off, finding nemo, jay and silent bob strike back, american history x, my cousin vinny, tommy boy

|Top 10 Bands/Artists| snow patrol, taking back sunday, my chemical romance, thrice, matchbook romance, cake, dashboard confessional,chronic future, fall out boy, boys night out

|Books| to kill a mocking bird, they caged the animals at night, romeo + juliet, a child called it

|Hobby|collecting little little ceramic animals

|Cell phone service provider|verizon

|Musical instrument|guitar

|Concert you've gone to|taking back sunday, new found glory

|Foods|candy necklaces, chocolate covered pretzels, chicken + rice

|School subject|English

|Computer/video game| Super Ninetendo *mario*

|Store|urban outfitters, hot topic, pacsun, zumies

|Quote|live every weekend as if its mardi gras :D

|Board Game| ouiji, checkers!

|Season| Summer, Fall

|Song|I'm not ok- my chemical romance

|President Bush| retarded.

|John Kerry| eh hes ok.

|Zoos|furry animals

|Censorship| i wanna see

|Organized Religion| whatever

.:Word Association:.

|S|s is for sarah!

|Middle|begining middle end


|Nebraska| who lives there?

|Silver| my rings

|Roll| egg roll

.:Promos and Pics:.
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|Pictures of yourself|

|Picture of something to make us laugh|
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